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Learn To Hit, Run, Catch and Throw A Baseball The Right Way

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The Baseball beginners guide...! You have came to the right website this site will help and guide you on how 2 creating a great baseball player. will inform you on exactly what it's going to take 2 become a great baseball player and getting the right training is the key.

Mark Latham, Jr. "JoJo"
Pitching lessons With Bryan Clark

This site explains to you how to play baseball the right-way and will provide you with all the necessary information and facts that you will need to train the right way in order to became a great player and what it will take 2-create-a-baseball-player starting at the little league level and ending at the professional levels of baseball like Michael Bourn of MLB - Cleveland Indians seen in the photo to the right.  Which on is Michael Bourn? The site gives great positive and informative information about playing baseball to everyone. Coach Keith Hodges Below:

North East Houston, Texas Angels

18 wins - 0 Loses  Which One Of These Players Is Michael Bourn  Center-Fielder, Cleveland Indians?

East Houston Tx Baseball

This site will help you to better understand the rules of baseball and how you should play the game the right way each time you step onto the baseball field.  Coach, Keith Hodges seen in the photo to the left with red cap receives team award for winning district champions. It was only the second time ever for a coach to lead his team to an 18-0 record in the history of Northeast Houston Athletic Association. 

Never Sat The Bench At Any Level of Baseball

Learn how to properly hit a baseball consistently by training with the innovative eye vision batting tee to improve you hitting and never sat the bench again at any level of baseball.  Learning to hit a baseball consistently will be the key to your success in baseball.

Innovative Eye Vision Batting Tee
Eye Vision Batting Tee Every Baseball Player Should Train With It...!

A Batting Tee To Train Your Eyes To See A Moving Baseball

This baseball beginners guide introduces you to the Patent Pending "New Innovative Eye Vision Batting Tee" an excellent training aid used to train your eyes to see a moving baseball and can improve your hitting by as mush as 80%.  The first thing you should learn to do as a baseball player is how to hit a baseball consistently especially if you hope to play baseball at the highest level of the game for a long time or even to make it through to the next five levels of baseball.

Build Your Own Batting Tee

It will only takes you a few minutes watch video. The batting tee can help you to improve your hitting by 80%, will help you to consistently hit a baseball or softball and cut-down on your strike-out rate by 50%.  Can be used in-doors or out-doors. 

The Most Important Thing To Learn In Baseball "How To Hit A Baseball Consistently"

The most important thing you should learn in baseball is how to hit a baseball consistently as a youth baseball player starting at the little league level all the way up to the professional. Why is learning to hit is so important? It's simple...! If you can't hit a ball consistently you want be playing at the high school, college or professional levels of baseball.

That's why I have design and develop the innovative eye vision and training aid batting Tee for the beginner's and experience baseball and softball players, so that you can work on your hitting mechanics and train to hit a baseball consistently.


Mark Latham, Jr. Makes Keller, Texas Timber Creek High School Junior Varsity Baseball Team As  A Freshmen.


Baseball Eye Vision Training

Baseball eye vision training is one of the most over looked part of a baseball players training. Baseball players do not take the time to train their eyes to see the baseball better, clearer or to incorporate eye vision training into their baseball training program, but now you can accomplish this by using the innovative eye vision training batting tee.

The baseball vision batting tee is used to work on your hitting mechanics. This is a baseball tee used to help train your eyes to track and see a moving baseball, so that you can become better little league hitters. Learn to hit a baseball consistently with the vision training tee.

With the vision batting tee baseball players at all levels can train their eyes for hitting a baseball consistently with an aluminum bat, a wood bat or youth baseball bat.

The vision tee train your eyes to see the baseball during your baseball hitting drills while at the same time you are working on your baseball batting mechanics.

The vision hitting tee is an excellent tool for baseball players at any level of baseball especially at the youth baseball league level. This baseball beginners guide will show you how to build-it-yourself as well. The vision hitting tees, can also train your eyes to track and see a moving baseball when pitched to you.

The Three most important things you will need to play the game of baseball is protective equipment, baseballs, baseball gloves and baseball bats.

Don't know what size cap, helmet, glove or bat your kid need to play baseball... Find Your Size Here!

Train To Play Baseball The Right Way

North East Houston, Tx - Baseball   12-13 Years Old "Angels" - 25 Wins 2 Lose


State Championship Players: 

Which of  The Following Players Below Are Cleveland Indians: Michael Bourns and formal Pittsburgh Pirtates: Wardell Starling

Use this baseball beginners guide 2 create a baseball player to help guide you through your training and baseball career.

Your baseball training and learning to hit a baseball should begin starting at the tee-ball level this will give you a big advantage over the other little league players who does not get the properly training.

As you use this baseball beginners guide to develop all five of your baseball tools through the proper training remember you are working to become a baseball prospect, get recruited or scouted by high schools, colleges and professional baseball team scouts.

As your baseball skills continue to develop and improve you will become a more all-around polished baseball player especially when it comes to hitting a baseball consistently, because you will have learned the baseball hitting secrets and keys throughout your training. If you can hit a baseball consistently they will find a spot for you on the team.

By training the right way recruiters and scouts will began to take notice of you talent and your ability to hit, run throw, catch and hit with power giving you a better opportunity to become a baseball recruit and you may get offers for a baseball scholarship to a college because you was identified by a college baseball scout, recruiting service or professional baseball scout.

The answer 2-creating-a-baseball-player is to TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN...! never stop improving your game especially your hitting game. Why should you get a personal baseball trainer to train you? Because by getting the right training starting at the little league level will help you to become a polished player.

This baseball beginners guide will also give you some of the best baseball advise, so that you will understand why it is necessary to train daily to improve your game, hitting, throwing, catching, running, and  hitting for power all 5-baseball tools necessary to play the game of baseball. And so that you will understand what it's going to take for you to become a better hitter and all around baseball player.

This site will help players to understanding why it's so important for you to start training early in your baseball career and 2 play the game of baseball the right way every time you step on the field.

When you train right and follow the rules of baseball you want develop bad hitting or game habits based on the rules of the game as you move up the latter from little league to the next highest levels of baseball. The new "Innovative Eye Vision / Training Aid Batting Tee" will make you a consistent and better hitter can be used by players, parents and coaches for training players at all levels of baseball.

What Ex-Major Leaguer's Talk About  All The Time

What I here Ex-Major League players talk about all the time is players having good work ethics. That's what this website baseball beginners guide is all about...! providing you with good advise and to help you to grow and develop into a polished baseball players.

But, becoming a  polished baseball player is going to take a lot of hard work on your part to make it to high school, college and to the professional level of baseball.

This training should start at the little league of baseball all the way up to the next highest levels of baseball if you expect to make it in the game of baseball.  I highly recommend in this baseball beginners guide that you take the time to visit some or all of the topics in this website at lease once especially the ones about hitting and playing the game the right way.

Most Often Questions Parents Ask About Baseball

The one question that parents always ask me is at what age should by son or daughter start playing baseball or softball? My answer to that question is that baseball beginners start playing baseball around age 3 to 4.

A Baseball Beginners Guide To Your Success

This baseball beginners guide will provide you with baseball tips to why it makes sense when it comes to getting a baseball personal trainer, baseball hitting drills, reading books, watching videos and other training tools and aids on the fundamentals of playing baseball.

Knowing this information on baseball will make you a better baseball player and will be very important to your success in baseball starting with little league baseball through college level baseball moving forward.

In this baseball beginners guide my recommendation is that you learn to play the game of baseball beginning at age 4 with little league tee-ball and continue to train properly through high school, college, minor league baseball, major league baseball and independent baseball league.

Learning to hit a baseball consistently is very, very important that's why you must train with someone who can teach you baseball hitting keys and secrets like ex-major league players.

This baseball beginners guide gives you advise on training properly and learning to play the game of baseball the right way is what this website is all about developing polished baseball players. Getting the proper training will keep you at the top of your game.

And by giving you the right information on baseball and making recommendations about what it takes to become a polished baseball player is why I created this website. I recommend that you take the time to visit all the pages on this website.

Educate Yourself On Baseball

You should educate yourself by reading baseball instructional books, watch good DVD on baseball and work hard to become a polished baseball player at your position and level of baseball.

As a 5 tool player you will have a greater chance of making a team at any of the five levels of baseball especially if you are a hard throwing left handed baseball pitcher with several good pitches like a fast ball, change-up, curve or slider.

But when it comes to throwing the curve ball or slider pitches I highly recommend that little league players do not throw these types of pitches until they are in high school.

Left handed baseball pitchers are hard to find and baseball scouts, high school and college baseball recruiters are always recruiting, seeking and looking for good hard throwing lefties with control to offer them baseball scholarships to pitch.

Check out the 5-Levels of Baseball Navigation Bar on the left to read about what to expect and what you should do at each level of baseball in order to compete at those levels and not sat the bench or get released from the team.

Also, if you can run fast, play great defense, have a strong arm and hit a baseball consistently at all five level of baseball you will never sat the bench at any level of baseball. If you're a high school or college baseball player college recruiter will be looking for your talent as well as professional baseball scouts.

This baseball beginners guide forces you to ask yourself baseball questions and to talk to others like your baseball coaches, major league baseball players and to read books like the five tool player, so that you can find out why it's so important to train the right way all the time not just sometime.

Along with this baseball beginners guide use your baseball knowledge to train and educate yourself to get better or have someone else to train you, so that you can become a polished baseball player.

Prepare yourself for the game of baseball as you move up to the next levels of baseball you must improve your game never stop improving your game.

Play Baseball The Right Way

As a baseball player learn to play baseball the right way if you're expecting to play baseball at the next highest levels, especially if you're a high school or college baseball player wanting to be recruited by colleges.   If you are good enough colleges or professional baseball scouts will be looking to offer you a baseball scholarship or draft you out of high school or college, so learn and train to play the game the "RIGHT" way and the rest will take care of its self. This is why getting the proper baseball training and tips early on in your baseball career is so important for little league, high school and college level baseball players.

North East Houston, Tx - Angels Baseball Team 18 wins - 0 Loses


Coach Sharron Marshall

Gives Players Instructions On Playing The Game of Baseball The Right-Way...!

As parents and coaches of little leaguer's the first thing you should do is educate yourself and your players on how the game should be played. Secondly, you should seek out a personal baseball trainer to train you the right way and third, you should train yourself on developing all five baseball tools.

In this baseball beginners guide I tell you how to become a 5 tool player. 5 tool players that can catch, hit, run, throw, and hit home runs (power).

The majority of the 5 tool baseball players get drafted by Major League Baseball (MLB) during the first week in June of each year during the MLB baseball draft, but 5 Tool players are very rare in baseball and they play baseball the right way.

Charlie Hayes, Houston Texas - Sox's
Coach-able Players

This baseball beginners guide is all about helping baseball players, little league coaching, moms and dads at all ages and levels of baseball to better understand what it will take to play the game of baseball and what it takes 2 create a player to play the game the right way while at the same time helping you to improve your game of baseball.

The number one thing little league coaches or any coach want to know about an athlete "is he a coachable player" that's why creating this baseball beginners guide will be so important to you.

It will also help you to understand that if you want to play baseball there is no short cuts or cutting corners especially if you want to a baseball career and a opportunity to make it to professional major league baseball.

Playing The Game Of Baseball Is "Not Easy"

Playing baseball is not easy as many people may think.  I say this because I want little league parents and coaches to understand that playing baseball at the next levels will not be easy at all.

This baseball beginners guide can be used by little league players, parents and coaches at all levels of baseball. The hole at the top of baseball funnel gets very narrow as players move from little league baseball into high school, into college and professional baseball.

Not every one of these players will make it at the next highest level of baseball or into minor league baseball or major league baseball, but the players considered to be the best baseball players will get an opportunity to compete at the next level.

This is why getting the proper training early in you baseball career starting at the t-ball level is so important to your son or daughter starting at the youth baseball league levels and continuing through out your baseball career.

Suggestions On How To Play Baseball

Through out this baseball beginners guide you will find recommendations and or suggestions on baseball. It will provide you with the proper information on what type of training your will need on baseball starting early in your baseball career.

It's very important for you to start training now, because bad baseball habits are hard to break at any level of baseball that why I've decided to put this guide together for you.

You should visit every page on this website at lease once then start your training immediately. Throughout this baseball beginners guide

The things a player must do 2 become a polished baseball player.  I suggest that you read and understand the five level of baseball starting with little league, high school, college, minor league / independent league and major league baseball.

My #1 recommendation to you in this baseball beginners guide as a baseball players is to make sure that you get the proper baseball training, and don't cut any corners, because as you move up to the next levels of baseball the baseball funnel gets very very small at the top as you move toward the next highest level of the game of baseball.

You road to Cooperstown starts with your little league coaches. Coaches if you get a chance to have your team play baseball in Cooperstown, New York at Cooperstown Dreams Park I highly recommend that you do so. Cooperstown Dreams Park is only 5 minutes away form the Nation Baseball Hall of Fame.

By visiting the Hall of Fame your players and parents will get a chance to see all the famous and formal baseball players and black baseball player from the old negro baseball league that's inducted into the baseball hall as well.

I also, suggest that youth baseball players, high school and college players learn to hit a baseball consistently using wood bats as you move up from one level to the next level of baseball.

The reason why you should train to hit a baseball using a wood baseball bat is because wood bats are what's being used at the professional level.

Learning to hit a baseball with a wood baseball bat should not be an option, but mandatory a at all levels. Youth aluminum baseball bats have a larger sweet spot and will allow you to hit the baseball farther than you would with a wooden baseball bats.

One reason why so many baseball players fail to make it at the professional level of baseball is because the never learn how to hit a baseball consistently using a wooden bat or how to play the game the right way. 

The reason why this baseball beginners guide was written was to give baseball and softball players like yourself information about why you should learn and play the game of baseball the right way, especially when it comes to leaning how to hit a baseball consistently. 

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