What Are Some Of The Personal Characteristics, Which The Winning Player Must Have? 

Some people have great mathematical minds; others can count cards and play their Basic Strategy perfectly. Some have great minds AND can play perfectly. But really, if that's all there was to the game of blackjack, a lot more people would be successful players. Just like talent can only take you so far as a professional athlete, ability to play the game itself is not always enough to be a winner in this game.

There are other attributes which a person must have to play this game with a high degree of effectiveness and, by and large, these are characteristics which usually serve to separate the long-term winners from the would-be professionals who turn out to be your classic "coulda, woulda, shoulda" types. Here are some of them:

BASIC INTELLIGENCE -- Contrary to a popular myth, you don't have to be a genius to become an accomplished blackjack player. But you do need to have a certain degree of intelligence to be able to grasp most of the concepts of winning. Basic intelligence is also a natural lead-in to some of the other necessary factors.

COMPLETE ORIENTATION & AWARENESS -- You certainly want to know as much about the game as you possibly can. You could sit home and practice all day and all night at your kitchen table. If you do that, you'll never be orientated as to casino conditions, rules variations, heat from the pit, dealer tells, distractions, etc.; in short, all of the different situations you can run into in the game of blackjack.

Experience is an important part of this category, because only through playing in different locales, under different conditions, and under all kinds of pressures will the player become well-rounded enough to be able to call himself a true professional.

The well-versed player yearns to read everything he can about the game, review the values of differing game conditions and systems effectiveness and keep very meticulous records of casino trips. To become a well-versed player you need to visit the best list of online casinos out there.

A WORK ETHIC -- It certainly helps when you take the attitude that very trip to the casino is like a football game; you must go in with a plan of attack. First, of course, it's a good idea to practice a little before going into the casino, and to decide exactly where you want to go and what rules you're going to play. But it actually goes farther back than that. You have to know and accept that you have to put in all the necessary time and effort to become a winner. In that way, it's not unlike any other field of endeavor. Laziness won't help you become a winning player.

MONEY -- Don't know if this necessarily is a personal characteristic, but let's face it - there's no use in taking blackjack seriously if you do not have the financial resources required to make it happen. With too limited a bankroll, the player will be reduced to sitting at $2 tables, and there's no way to make any significant strides that way. The principles of sound money management dictate that the player have at least 50 times his maximum bet in terms of bankroll. So, if that bankroll is not considerable, a winning bet spread cannot be achieved. Don't take a shot at professional play until you've amassed a sizable enough bankroll to weather the "storm" - i.e., the element of ruin which is so much a part of blackjack.