Patience Is A Virtue - And A Skill

It has been said that luck is more important than skill in casino tournament play.

But what do you consider a "skill"? Well, it depends.

While it may be true that pure skill in something like craps or roulette or blackjack may present a situation where playing sessions are so short as to make extended runs of luck the most critical factor, we also know that basic skills never hurt. You would always prefer to make the best strategy play or the most judicious kind of bet than to do something that is completely wrong.

There is another skill, and a more abstract skill than that, which is called "patience." Yes, patience is a virtue, in life and in the tournament world. If you're involved in a situation where you are playing 20, 50 or 100 hands in a round, you want to have enough staying power so that you're in the running down the home stretch.

So you don't want to blow the bankroll before you have a chance to make your move. Don't imagine yourself as the football coach that feels the need to call for the bomb on the opening play. You can work your way down the field and still score the same number of points. Don't eliminate yourself before your time; let the others do that.

I have a friend who plays in quite a few poker tournaments. He plays things very close to the vest, conserving his bankroll. And he moves right along in the larger contests, showing patience while others blow their roll. He is not steamrolling people; he is surviving. He's often on the final table. And though he may have the short stack, he's in action, and you know what they say about having a chip and a chair......

Sometimes slow and steady DOES win the race.

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