Know About Online Casino Bonuses

´╗┐Match Bonus:

It is one of the bonuses commonly found in online casinos. It is very advantageous to new players, as it offers the bonus equal to the sum of cash deposit. You should note that such bonus can only be used for making wager and you are not allowed to withdraw the amount. However, you can withdraw the amounts that you win by wagering the offered bonus in the online casino.

Claiming Bonus:

In some of the online casinos, the bonus will automatically be credited to the account of the player. Otherwise, the player has to make a request to get the bonus credited to the account. You are advised to understand the terms and conditions of the play before making a deposit to your play account. You may miss the bonus, if you are unable to understand how to get the bonus credited to your account.

Automated Bonuses / Claiming:

Automated bonus will automatically be credited to your account whether you require it or not. You should make a special request if the bonus is not being credited in the automatic route in your online casino account.

Bonus Code:

In some of the online casinos, the bonus will not be credited in auto mode to your account. In order to get the bonus credited to your account, you need to enter the bonus code at the time of making deposit into your account. Bonus will not be credited to your account, if you fail to enter the code. People, who knows the rules and don't want to claim bonus, can omit entering the code.

Clearing Bonuses / requirements:

Most of the players are aware of the rules and regulations of online casino bonuses. You need to wager the deposited amount and the earned bonus for a particular period to be eligible to withdraw the amount. You are allowed to with draw the winnings up to a specified limit. Withdrawal of winnings is known as clearing the bonus. You are allowed to incremental clearing of bonuses.