Baseball Vision Batting Tee

The innovative baseball vision batting tee design to train your eyes to see a moving baseball as the ball moves in and out of the strike zone allowing you to develop consistent eye contact with the ball while developing a perfect swing for hitting a baseball consistently. The vision batting tee is different from any other tee in the market place and is the only tee on the market design to train your eyes for hitting a baseball. It can be used in-doors or out-doors designed for girls' and boys' of all age groups starting from ages 2, T-Ball, little league, high school, college and professional baseball players. 

The "No Pick-Up" vision tee is the only baseball eye vision training tee of its kind that's on the market that will train your eyes to see a moving baseball better while training off a batting tee. The good news that I've designed it so that you can "Build It Yourself" fine out how to build the baseball vision batting tee. No other tee allows you to work off a hitting tee while the ball moves back and forward in and out over the strike zone.

By allowing the ball to move in this manner over the plate and in the strike zone it forces you to totally concentrate on the movement and location of the ball as it enters the strike zone and this will also allow you to see the ball better long before it enters the strike zone making you a thus making you better hitter.

Using a wood or aluminum bat to train with as the ball moves in and out of the strike zone the batter reacts to the best possible pitch to swing at using hand /eye coordination and timing to track the ball and to swing at the ball as it enters the strike zone.  Get instructions on how to Build-It-Yourself.

Improve Your Hitting By 80%
Lower Your Strike Rate By 50%

One of the good things about the "No-Pick-Up" baseball vision batting tee is that I've designed it, so that you can build-it yourself to design specifications. It's very easy to build and will only that you a few minute with my step-by-step instructions. Get instructions on how to Build-It-Yourself.

Top 12 reasons:

Why You Should Build The Eye Vision Batting Tee

  • There is no other batting tee like it on the market...
  • Helps you to become patient at the plate...
  • Helps you to develop plate balance...
  • Improves your hands and eyes coordination...
  • Improves your timing, swing and rotational hitting skills
  • Allow you to track the movement of the ball as it moves in/out of strike zone...
  • Trains your eyes to track and see the baseball clear and better...
  • Allow you to make corrections to your swing and hitting mechanics while the ball is moving...
  • Improve your hitting by 80%...
  • You will hit the ball consistently with every at bat...
  • Helps you to cut down on your strike out rate by 50%...
  • Can be used in-doors or out-doors...

Get Instructions...Now! On how to Build-It-Yourself.

What "Witnesses" Have to Say
About The "Batting Tee

Because the tee help to improve and trains your eyes to see a moving baseball clearer all baseball players should use the vision batting tee.

But, there are other reasons why you should use it as well and that is to make corrections to your swing while working on your hitting mechanics. Below is what other have to say about the baseball vision batting tee trainer.

Mr. R. Moses - A Father stated, "It provides fun and excitement for the entire family. It allows the parents the child first and best playmates to play along side the child helping in the development of the child baseball motor skills.

Ms. W. Hill - A Head start Director states, it's not only address the need to provide for development of physical skills in children, but also fosters development of social skills, hand-eye coordination, problem - solving skills and tremendous opportunities for parent involvement.

Mrs. D. Gipson - A Licensed Occupational Therapist stated, the vision batting tee can be used as a learning tool that provides hours of enjoyment while helping to build or regain skills that are important for patients. Mrs. Gipson finds the product to be a therapeutic tool can be very useful in:

  • Treatment of brain-insured patients
  • It also, help to improve the eye-tracking skills, upper & lower extremity strength, coordination, balance social interaction, problem solving, sequencing attention span, endurance, crossing mid-line and provides sensory motor input etc.

Mr. Keith Hodges, Sr. - The engineer and designer of the vision batting tee states, that it's an excellent product for both parents and coaches to train and give instructions to their players on how to hit a baseball consistently. It also forces the hitters to keep their head down on the baseball and to be patient at the plate and to concentrate on the baseball.

The baseball vision batting tee will improves your hitting by 80 % and will help you to cut down on your strike out rate by 50%. All coaches and parents should have one.  Get instructions on how to Build-It-Yourself.

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