Baseball Vision Training Tee
It's Innovative "Build-It-Yourself"

The "PATENT PENDING" "No-Pick-Up" baseball vision training tee there is no other baseball tee or training products like it in the market-place. This baseball tee was designed to detail specifications for baseball players at all levels from little league's to pro baseball players. 

It allow players to work on their hitting mechanics while at the same time training your eyes to see a moving baseball clearer, so that you can make a decision to swing or not to swing faster as you track the movement of the baseball into or out of the strike zone.  

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The baseball tee, also forces a hitter to keep his/her head down and eyes on the baseball as the bat make contact with the baseball.

When working off this innovative baseball vision training tee there is no balls to pick up, allowing you to spend more time training on your hitting mechanics. 

Because of the materials used and the detail design specifications it's "VERY VERY EASY" to build this innovative baseball vision training batting tee yourself. 

Anyone can build it Man or Woman and it will be fun for players, parents and coaches to build-it-yourself.

Once built it will help coaches and parents to train their players, so they can learn to see, track and hit a moving baseball while at the same time getting all their batting tee work done.  It's a one of a kind "Innovative Baseball Tee".

The Vision Training Tee Cost Only...! $20

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12 Reasons Why You Should
Build The Baseball Vision Training Tee

  1. There is no other batting tee like it on the market
  2. Helps you to become patient at the plate
  3. Helps you to develop plate balance
  4. Improves your hands and eyes coordination
  5. Improves your timing, swing and rotational hitting skills
  6. Allow you to track the movement of the ball as it moves in/out of strike zone
  7. Trains your eyes to track and see the baseball clear and better
  8. Allow you to make corrections to your swing and hitting mechanics while the ball is moving
  9. Improve your hitting by 80%
  10. You will hit the ball consistently with every at bat
  11. Helps you to cut down on your strike out rate by 50%
  12. Can used in-doors or out-doors

Coaches and parents will love the baseball vision training tee because they will be able to train players on things like plate balance, hitting mechanics and how to hit a baseball the right way and consistently with every at bat.

The baseball vision training tee / training aid batting tee is an excellent hitting tool and training aid for coaches to train players on how to hit a baseball consistently the right way at all levels Little league, high school, college and even at the professional baseball levels.

The baseball vision training tee is also an excellent way for coaches and parents to have fun coaching and training players on their hitting mechanics. The product can be used in-doors or out-doors and will help players to improve your hitting by 80% and lower your strike-out rate by more then 50%.

The Batting Tee
What You Will Receive With Your Download...!

The baseball vision training tee is a (8-Page) downloadable eBook with "Step-By-Step Detail Instructions" designed to specifications, on how to build your own "Baseball Vision Training Tee".  It also, comes with complete color coded installation instructions, images and pictures showing you exactly what your product should look like once completely built.

  • The Instructions are step-by-step instructions on how to build your batting tee.
  • The Product Material List is color coded for your convenience it will tell you exactly what to purchase, what sizes and how many to purchase in order to build your batting tee.
  • The Cutting Instructions List is also, color coded shows you exactly what sizes to cut each piece, so that you can assemble your batting tee.
  • The Detail Design Drawings and Specifications are color coded with pictures giving you great details step-by-step on how to assembling your batting tee.
  • The Product Image List shows exactly what items you will need to build your own batting tee and what they will looks like before getting started.

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But, don't worry if this happen to you please let us know by going to our Contact Us  page and tell us that you did not receive your downloadable product.

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The Build-It-Yourself "Vision Batting Tee" Step-By-Step Building Instruction is an electronic ebook download and requires that you have  Adobe Acrobat Reader downloaded on your computer already to review product.  If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader select the above Adobe Acrobat Reader link to downloaded and install it on to your computer.

By purchasing, you agree that the Step-By-Step Building Instruction is a guide and does not promise or guarantee results.

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