Little League Parents
Should Start Kids In Baseball

Little League Parents it's very important for your child to begin playing little league baseball as early as possible between the ages of 3 and 6 years old.  I recommend that your kid start playing baseball in a youth baseball sports league no later than 5 years old if you expect for your son or daughter to have a chance to compete as they get older and move up to the next level of baseball or softball career. 

As kids move up to the next level of baseball the competition will be more competitive and those kids who has been playing baseball for a while will be ready and able to compete for a position on the team as they move up a level. 

When To Start Baseball

As a parent you may want to know why should your child start playing at such a early age? Watch video below...!

I believe when a kid start playing little league baseball or softball as early as age 3 or 4 this is the period when children begins to develop what I call their Baseball Gross Motor Skills.  Such skills as hand-eye coordination, hitting, catching, throwing, running and talking all at the same time as they learn how to play the game of baseball or softball the right way.

Mom / Dad
Teach Me How To Play & Hit A Baseball

Trying to teach your son or daughter how to play baseball, softball or hit a baseball for the first time is not easy, especially once they reach the age of 9 or 10.  Starting to play baseball or softball for the first time at this late age will make it harder for them to compete with players in their age group, because those players has been playing baseball since they were 3 or 4 years of age and would have 5 years of playing experience on them as well.

I'm not suggesting that your child can't or shouldn't play baseball or softball if he or she are just starting to play baseball for the first at age 9 or 10 years old.  I'm just saying that in many case they want be able to compete with there age group, because they started so late and in many cases they give-up and quite the game of baseball all together.

The innovative baseball batting tee seen in the video below was develop for that reason and can help to train players at any level on how to hit a baseball consistently.

As little league parents what I'm recommending to you is that your child start playing baseball or softball around age 4 or 5 years old, so that they can develop what I call their Baseball Gross Motor Skills that's needed to play baseball such as hitting, running, catching, throwing and talking all at the same time as they play the game of baseball.

I'm suggest that you as little league parents start your son or daughter playing in a youth baseball league, no late then 5 or 6 years old otherwise it will be harder for them to compete if they stat at age 9 or 10.  In many case they become discourage them from playing the game all together.  And it will be even harder for them to catch up with their age group from a "baseball skill set" stand-point of view especially if they have never played baseball or softball before.

Little League Parents Should
Starting There Kids In Baseball Between The Ages of 8-10

My experience with kids who started playing baseball late at 8 or 10 years old by the time they reach 11,12,13 years of age they give up on playing baseball. Why? Because at that point both the child and the little league parents realize that they are to far behind the rest of the kids in their age group and have to do something quite or get some training.  That's why it's so important to start playing baseball early around the age of 4.

The same thing is true for players who played little league baseball then stop playing once they enter high school then tries to pick it up again once they are in college. The fact of the matter is that baseball is the only sport where you need to almost train and play baseball year around in order to keep your skills sharp and to stay on top of your game, so that you can compete at the highest level in your age group.

Kids who started out playing in a youth baseball league at the ages of 3-6 and continue to play baseball by the time they are 8-14 years old they are a polished enough player to know and understand the game, rules and very knowledgeable about how the game should be played and they understand the strike zone or hitting zone better as they move up to the next highest level of baseball.

Most little league parents who start their kids in baseball at a young age around 4 years old "some not all" youth baseball players will play baseball at the next highest level high school or college, but if they continue to work hard and get the proper baseball training I believe many will have the opportunity to make it at the professional level of baseball.

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