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Baseball Start Age for Little League Parents

Little league parents it's very important for your child to begin playing little league baseball as early as possible between the ages of 3-6 years old.I recommend start playing baseball in a youth sports league no later than 5 years old if he of she want to have a chance to compete at a higher level down the road.

As little league parents you may want to know why start in a T ball league so early? Because starting to play little baseball baseball at 3 is a period when children begin to development what I call their "Baseball Gross Motor Skills" such as their hand-eye coordination, hitting, catching, throwing and running as well as learning how to play the game.

I'm not saying that your child can't or should not play baseball if he/she starts at 7, 8, 9 or even 10 years old.But what I'm suggesting to you as little league parents is that starting to play in a youth baseball leagues to late will be hard for your son/daughter to compete and catch up with their age group from a "baseball skills Level" point of view if they have never played before.Little league parents can read "Level-1 Little League Baseball" one of 5-levelsNow "Think about that for a minute" If your child start playing baseball at the age of 3 he/she will have 5 - 7 years of baseball experience over someone who started playing baseball at 8 or 10 years of age.

My experience with kids who tried to start playing baseball at 8 or 10 years old was by the time they was 11,12,13 years of age they give up on playing, because at that point both the parent and the child realize that they are to far behind the rest of the kids in their age group that why it important to start early.

The same thing is true for players who play little league baseball then stop playing once they enter high school then tries to pick it up again once they are in college.

The fact of the matter is that baseball is the only sport where you need to almost play it year around in order to keep your skills sharp and to stay on top of your game and to play at a high level.

Kids who start out playing in youth baseball leagues at the ages of 3-6 and continue to play baseball by the time they are 8-14 years old they understand the rules and how a little league umpire will call the game and they are more knowledgeable about the strike zone.Some of these youth baseball players will be playing at a higher level than others by the time they reach high school and college if they continue to get the right training and work hard.Read section on "Personal Trainer" this section tell why training is important to baseball players

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